FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here we answer the most common questions and below you will find our sailor ABC.


Booking and payment


How do I pay for my booking/Charter?

You can pay by Paypal, credit card or invoice/transfer.


What is my deposit when I book online?

The deposit is 50%.


When is my final payment due?

The balance will be due at embarkation  (credit card, bank transfer, cash).


Prices and discounts

Are there early booking discounts?

Yes! we offer an early booking discount of 10% when booking 4 months in advance.


On board

Cabins (Gallart 62')

What is available in the cabins?

All cabins are fully equipped (sheets, towels, bath towels, Bose docking station Bluetooth etc.)


What is the layout of the cabins?

Our boat is equipped with four cabins, two cabins with double beds and two cabins with twin beds. The double cabin (master cabin) is located midship. This has in addition to ample closets and storage areas, a separate seating area. A bathroom with separate shower and toilet is directly accessible from the master cabin.


The VIP cabin has either two single beds or one double bed and plenty of space. Here, guests have direct access to their bathroom also equipped with toilet and shower.


The twin cabins are equipped with twin beds. These cabins also have a private bathroom including toilet and shower.


Are there cabins with connecting doors?



Can I smoke in my cabin?

No. Smoking is only allowed outdoors.


What is the current voltage in the cabins?

220 V


Do the cabins have air conditioning?

Yes. All cabins and all interiors are air conditioned. The choice of the temperature can be set in each cabin individually by guests.


Is there a safe in the cabins?




What languages ​​are spoken on board?

Our skippers are multilingual. German and English are the main languages.


Is there a washing machine on board?

There is a washer and dryer on board.



Internet & Mobile

Is there mobile phone reception onboard?

In Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, mobile phone reception is normally available up to 10 nautical miles from shore.


TV (Gallart 62')

Which TV channels will I receive on board?

You will receive, via satellite all regular TV channels.


Is there a DVD recorder?



Standing DVDs available?




Is a radio available?



Is there a CD player?



Can I transfer my own music from my mobile phone?



Health and safety


In case of an emergency?

We will endeavour to help in finding you an emergency doctor or clinic. Mallorca has some of the best and modern medical facilities in Europe.


Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Right on the harbour in Palma (Gallart 62'), in Santa Ponsa 200m next to harbor (Sunseeker 37').


Where is the nearest hospital?

Palma de Mallorca.


How should I proceed if I am dependent on medical needles and syringes?

If you have to rely on needles for medical purposes, please notify us before you travel in order for us to provide an appropriate container, so we can rule out the risk of injury for you and our staff.


What should I do if I have a pre-existing condition?

It is recommended that guests who have medical conditions or who are currently taking medication for pre-exsisting conditions should carry their records in case of emergency.



What is being done on board for safety?

Our boats are equipped according to modern safety standards. Liferafts, fire extinguishers are serviced regularly.


Life jacket

The lifejackets can be found aboard our yachts. For children we have special life jackets on board.


Life raft

All our yachts are equipped with life rafts.


Lost property

If you have left something on board please email us at info@mallorcayacht24.com



Basically ship viewings are possible but only with prior appointment. Please understand that this is not always possible due to our guests. For an appointment please contact info@mallorcayach24.com


Technology & Knowledge

Seeman ABC


Rear part of the vessel



On LH side



Command center of the ship



Front part of the vessel



Moving walkway to get on/off boat



Speed ​​of the vessel 1 kn = 1 sm/h = 1.852 km/h



Sheltered side of the vessel



Windy side of the vessel






Central part of the vessel, midway between bow and aft


Nautical mile

One nautical mile corresponds to 1.852 km



On RH side



Boats own transport between land and ship